Some of my creations

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jewellery is unlike any other item that a person may wear. Simultaneously decorative and symbolic, jewellery can evoke deep emotion, convey intense passion, declare eternal love without speaking a word, or demonstrate true affection.

There is something phoenix-like about recycled jewellery. Literally rising from the flames, reborn, ready to begin a new eternity, a dazzling and unique creation. Kohinoor Jewellery believes in the premise that jewellery can live for generations, by shape-shifting and form-changing, and becoming ever more beautiful with the growing sentiments that supplement it through each incarnation. At Kohinoor Jewellery, each and every piece is individual, designed in the inimitable Kohinoor style to convey its own unique and distinctive story.

While we get this English website up and running, please enjoy a showcase of my work: